GoLive Meetings

GoLive is a next Generation Platform that bridges the gap between live streaming and video conferencing.

Take your world to a new whole level with the all in one Live Streamng and Video conferencing platform. With GoLive, your can host a video meeting with unlimted participants and stream the same meeting directly to your social media with just a click. Take control of your world today with GoLive.

Uniquely designed

GoLive Meetings platform was uniquely designed to server all your meeting needs. What ever kind of meeting you would like to have, GoLive got you covered. GoLive provide you with Audio , one way video, 2 way video, Live streaming , and virtual conferencing.

Audio meeting

One way video meeting

Two way video meeting

Live Streaming

Virtual conferencing



Easy to use

A simple application easy to use

GoLive Meetings is sleek, and easy to use.


All the best features

HD Video / Audio

GoLive give your an HD video stream with very low latency

Screen sharing

Enable screen sharing to project your screen to all participants

Slide presentaion

Take advantage of this awesome tool to share text and images

Live meeting recording

Enable this fearure to record your meetings in clean clear audio

Live Stream to social media

Stream your meeting to any social media with just a click.

Virtual Church

Take your church to a new level with GoLive Virtual conferencing fearure

& Anywhere

Host or join meeting anywhere in the world.